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Hey Shugà's
I hope you plan to enjoy your Summer, it seems to have had a rainy, high humidity start☺️. I plan to enjoy my #summerdays
But, just in case you're like me and like outside but not the bugs, I have us covered with🦟 Bug Off Bucko bug spray and just in case a few slip by and take a nip at ya, I got us covered too, with Stop Scratching Shugà roller blend!
And last but definitely not the least in case we're out on the Sun TOO long and get sunburn, I got us covered with an all natural solution 🌞After the Sun Spray, you know it even feels better going on if it's chilled in your fridge for a bit.

So, pick up your Summer Combo for $25 for all 3 products, a savings of $5!!!!
let's get summer started!! 

Summer Combo: Bug Off Bucko, Stop Scratchin', & After the Sun Spray

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